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Again and again we are asked how sustainable our action is.


Therefore we would like to give you an insight here:

  • We have established a network of various partners here in Germany , in Poland and in the Ukraine , and we are working on expanding this network every day

  • Before a BusBrücke bus starts, we clarify exactly what is needed on site. We cooperate with the Humanitarian Aid Center of Caritas Poland. Our aid supplies are distributed directly in Poland at the border or in the Ukraine by Caritas.

  • All donations that are brought to us are checked, sorted and made ready for transport, the packages are labeled in English/Cyrillic.

  • We do not give any useless things and pay attention to the condition of the donations.

  • In addition to donations from private individuals, we specifically address companies to receive needed goods          as donations (especially drinks, food, hygiene items)

  • Before starting a tour, we make sure where people can stay and have accommodations prepared. For this purpose, we are in contact with communities and organizations that provide housing.

  • The crew of a Busbrücke bus always consists of two bus drivers, an interpreter and a supervisor. A journey from start to return takes about 24 hours .

  • Every refugee who gets on a BusBrücke bus registers with a form, which can be filled out digitally with a cell phone or by hand, and indicates his or her travel destination.

  • Many refugees usually have a fixed travel destination . They have family members who are already waiting for them. For this purpose, each bus also stops at a German train station if necessary.

  • During the journey, the passengers are given something warm to eat and drinks. Since they are mostly women and children, various hygiene articles are kept ready, as well as diapers. 

  • There is free WLAN on every BusBrücke bus. This way, the refugees can keep in touch with their relatives and let them know that they are on their way.

  • Once they arrive in Germany, the refugees have the choice of continuing their journey by train or going to a prepared accommodation in the region.

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